Siemens optiPoint and Optiset Headset

If you spend a good proportion of your working day on the telephone your life will be considerably easier with one of our lightweight headsets.

Available as a lightweight monaural or binaural version these headsets will keep your hands free resulting in more accurate typing and better concentration on your conversation.

These headsets are not Siemens manufacture but they are designed and optimised for use on the Siemens optiPoint and optiset range of telephones. Our headsets are Brand New and sold with 15 months replacement warranty.

Lightweight and available in both monaural and binaural form these headsets increase productivity when used on your optiPoint or Optiset telephone

Key Features

  • Available in Monaural, (covers just one ear) or binaural (covers both ears)
  • Lightweight – less than 100 grams including cable
  • Adjustable headband
  • Adjustable boom microphone
  • Quick release coupling allows you to leave your desk without loosing your call
  • Integral mute button for privacy
  • Built in volume control
  • 15 month warranty