Up to 70% of callers are placed on hold

Tru Serenity provides peace of mind for you,
clarity and reassurance for your callers

in the UK

Tru Serenity Music on Hold MP3 Player

Up to 70% of callers are placed on hold during their call. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Enduring silence, poor quality music, general hiss or other noises downgrade a business’s reputation – and increase the caller’s blood pressure!

The solution? Tru Serenity MOH. MP3 technology for best performance and future proofing. Latest solid state design for guaranteed long term reliability. Simple installation. Simple operation. Compatible with all telephone systems. A clear winner.

Looking for hassle free set-up? Tru Serenity MOH comes complete with everything included in the box for installation, including standard music and reassurance messages. Ready to go.

Want to use your own music or messages? No problem, Tru Serenity accepts all types of SD memory card*, so simply add whichever MP3 files you wish. Don’t your customers deserve Serenity on-hold?

Tru Serenity. Peace of mind for you. Clarity and reassurance for your callers.

Main Features

  • British made and built for continuous use
  • Auto restart after power interruption
  • Complete with SD card
  • Complete with power supply unit
  • Supplied with a selection or royalty free music files
  • Two year warranty

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